Give The Greatest Gift

This holiday season share the valuable gift of health & wellness with your loved ones..

Ask anyone, and they will tell you access to holistic health & wellness programs is extremely limited, and relatively inaccessible to mainstream society. Rarely, do programs integrate a holistic approach that aims to balance mind, body & soul. This holiday season, I want to make my holistic services affordable and available to anyone. Check out my array of services and give the incredible gift of health, wellness, longevity & vitality to yourself or a loved one. 

Yoga Instruction

Holiday Price// $30 (save 40%)

Experience a private or small group session, that breaks down the benefits of Yoga, breath work and physical postures, to equip you with all the tools needed to start a regular Yoga practice. In this 1-hour session you will reconnect with your body, mind & soul as you flow through a series of Yoga postures set to music. You will experience the physical & mental health benefits of this ancient practice as you learn to spiritually connect with your intentions on the mat and ultimately learn to live with peace & purpose. 


  • (1) 60-Minute Yoga Session

basic nutrition consultation

Holiday Price// $60 (save 40%)

In this 1-hour session you will discuss your main health concerns and goals with Erin and come up with an action plan to get you started on your road to better health including dietary recommendations, supplementation, and lifestyle changes. 


  • (1) 60-Minute Assessment
  • Summarized Nutritional Recommendations
  • Energy Balancing Nutritional Recommendations
  • Take-Away Messages for Further Exploration & Application


Holiday Price// $50 (bundle savings)

Follow-up sessions are meant to keep you on track and moving towards your goal! In these three sessions you will track your progress, make necessary changes to your existing plan, and discuss a thoughtful approach to challenges you may face. These sessions are booked on an as-needed basis. 


  • (3) 30-Minute Sessions
  • In-Person or Over-The-Phone Meetings
  • Additional Take-Away Messages

Payment & purchase information

Online payments not available at this time. Cash, checks and all major credit cards accepted. Please feel free to email me with any questions or special payment installment request(s),