Explore the daily practice of intentional living with erin nicole.

Experience a deeper connection to mind, body and soul through yoga, conscious living and healthy plant-based nutrition. 



"My purpose is to lead a life by example, to serve, guide and inspire others to be their most authentic self and live a healthy and purposeful life." 

Erin is a passionate entrepreneur & undeniable free spirit. Guided by intuition and relentless ambition, she set out to fulfill her dharma, or life purpose, as a holistic lifestyle consultant and Yoga teacher. Erin cultivates meaningful relationships, creates memorable experiences and encourages sustainable lifestyle changes for her clients.

Erin, helps others find balance with an intentional & natural approach to holistic living that nourishes the body, mind & soul.  Erin encourages you to explore a deeper connection to self through yoga, conscious living and plant-based nutrition. 



Learn to shape your internal landscapes and listen to your intuition, one breath at a time.  

Yoga is the process of learning who we are, our relationship with ourselves, and how we fundamentally interact and impact the universe. Yoga is not a process of being healed, but learning how to intrinsically heal. Through intuitive movement, intentional stillness, energetic touch and active manifestation, Erin seeks to explore your vulnerabilities and your potential – the beauty and the power in both.

Erin creates thoughtfully sequenced flows, to inspire intentional breath, mindful movement and soul discovery. Erin's approach to authentic movement is a natural unfolding, which allows the body, mind and soul to naturally harmonize. Her teaching style is compassionate, calm, and deliberate – aimed to create a safe space for expression and exploration. Erin believes in the process of learning to listen and trust yourself on your mat, so you may feel truly free... mind, body and soul.



Understand holistic living and embrace community.

Learn more about consultative & instructional services available to help you find balance as you nourish your body, mind & soul.

Services range from a basic 1-hour chat about what holistic living truly embodies, to intimate gatherings designed to promote connection and community. Erin ultimately hopes to educate the mainstream on the benefits of plant-based nutrition, simplified living and eco-friendly practices. 

Beyond education, Erin creates an environment for people to experience community, connection and conversation. These vital relationships organically foster accountability and sustainability.